Fysi Ry
High quality physiotherapy since 1983 Tulosta

Fysioteekki has provided physiotherapy services in Oulu for more than 20 years. We have a well established reputation among local doctors.

Fysioteekki offers a team of highly qualified physiotherapists and excellent facilities with the best available physiotherapy equipment, ready to treat you in Oulu.

Our therapy practice is based on the needs of the customer. A physiotherapist will evaluate both your strengths and weaknesses. Then, together with your therapist you will set up your personal goals. These goals will guide the design of your treatment plan. To achieve your goals the therapist will follow you closely through all the steps of the rehabilitation process. If needed, we will provide you with supervised training in our gym in order to get the best results.


Private/personal therapy

We are specialized in Manual Therapy. Among the techniques that we use to treat musculoskeletal disorders are the McKenzie protocols, the Nordic Concept of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, etc. We also have a specialized therapist for shoulder-joint problems.

If you are active in sports, athlete or occasional, we can provide the best service of sports injury rehabilitation in town.

The clinic for lower limb problems (askelklinikka) is also worth of mentioning. Foot, knee and gait problems can be assessed and managed at Fysioteekki in a very skilled way.

Our co-operation with the high-tech gyms (Kunto Ykkönen) can give you some special advantages in training further after you have finished your physiotherapy sessions.

Whatever is the problem, give us a call and we will tell you straight away if we can help you to solve it.



We have 4 clinics in the Oulu region, the main clinic is in Kastelli just 1 km from the NOKIA complex in Peltola, and 500 m from the University hospital of Oulu.

» Location of the Kastelli clinic on the city map

Free parking available in all clinics.

For inquiries in English please contact:
Lasse Westerholm, mobile 0500 892 654 or clinic in Kastelli (08) 335 505.